About Me

My name is Stuart Wright, I’m a 35 year old widowed father of five young children. Together we live on the east coast of England.

By day I was a binman, but left work following my wife’s passing to care for our five children. By night I do very little but play console games, I’m pretty boring! That’s partly why this blog is here. It’s here to keep me occupied, to share my experiences of fatherhood and to carry on my wife’s awareness raising efforts. I’ll also be sharing posts on depression and mental health issues, of which I’m a long-term sufferer.

My Wife

My wife, Sarah, passed away at the age of 29 on January 12th 2017 from metastatic breast cancer. She was first diagnosed in May 2015 while pregnant, and was diagnosed with secondaries a year later.

She was an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister and dear friend to so many whose first thought in all she did was her beloved children. Before passing she showed unbelievable strength and presence of mind to do good, raising awareness and spreading the message that women are never ‘too young’ to get cancer, while encouraging them to check themselves for signs and symptoms of the condition. Her posts on her Mummy VS Cancer Facebook page regularly reached the timelines of more than 150,000 people per month.

She had also been fundraising to secure the immediate future of our children, and gathered in excess of £14,000 before she was taken from us, which was donated to her GoFundMe campaign by friends, family, local people and often complete strangers, too.

Our Children

Rhianna, 10 years old

The diva of the family. Rhianna is quite a shy little girl at times, but has already developed a teenage attitude at home. She likes to wind up her sister and brothers, but always seems lost when they’re not around (she loves them really!). Rhianna suffered from a rare condition called Perthes Disease when she was younger.

Lacey, 9 years old

An unbelievably caring little soul, always putting of others before herself which is amazing to see for her age. Lacey always thinks the best of people and is a big cuddler! I have to remind her to be a bit more selfish at times because she would happily miss out on things to see others benefit.

Lucas, 7 years old

A very mischievous little man! He’s at his happiest when teasing his big sisters by doing anything he can possibly do to wind them up. To be honest it doesn’t take much effort, he’s mastered it. Lucas is a very bubbly little boy, but can quickly turn to tears when things don’t go his way.

Connor, 4 years old

Knows what he likes, and knows how to get it! Connor suffers from a number of food allergies and is an epi-pen carrier, which his nurseries have been incredibly accommodating of. He’s addicted to banana’s and jelly, and is ridiculously good on Xbox for a four year old boy.

Logan, 2 years old

Still developing his personality this little man, so he’s a difficult one to sum up. He will avoid toys in favour of anything with buttons or a touch screen. Throws the occasional hissy-fit on the floor. Very quick to warm to new faces, and hates having cold hands!

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