If you watched my video from two months ago, updating you all on how we were all doing one month after Sarah’s passing, you may recall me saying at that stage I didn’t believe my kids needed to continue their counselling sessions. 

Well since then things have changed, and I decided it was time the sessions started again. Mostly for the benefit of my eldest Rhianna, 9, but I chose to include Lacey, 8, in the sessions as well. Today was their first session back with their counsellor Stephanie.

My main concern is Rhianna, as she has become increasingly anxious about every day situations and has been especially struggling with school. She’s also been becoming more isolated and introvert which has obviously left me worried sick about what’s going on in her mind, as she chooses to keep everything bottled up inside and has rarely opened up about her Mum’s passing.

My hope is the counselling sessions may unlock her a little bit at a time, eventually allowing her to get things off her chest and hopefully in turn ease her worries and anxieties. Whether or not things work out that way, only time will tell.

She wasn’t keen when I told her where we were going, which left me thinking we would make no progress at all today with her but I’ve been left pleasantly surprised. She talked with Stephanie the counsellor quite a lot explaining that she feels worried and angry a lot, and she opened up about her school struggles too.

Today was Lacey’s turn to go quiet. She clung to me for dear life throughout the appointment which again was surprising as she’s not shy at all, but I guess she’s just not quite ready to openly talk about her feelings at the counselling sessions. I’m sure she’ll be more open next time we go in two weeks.




Author: Stuart Wright

I'm a 34 year old widowed father of five young children, and these are my experiences of 'Being Daddy'.

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