In an attempt to raise my kids’ spirits, I decided to add a new member to the family. Introducing Mittens the kitten!

The older three have always wanted a kitten, but in the past we’ve been unable to get one because of allergies. Sarah was always getting itchy eyes when around cats and the two girls did too, but after recent visits to friends houses who have cats, they haven’t seemed as bad as they have been in the past.

After a few little experiments stroking peoples cats and gauging their reaction, I decided to take the plunge and look for a kitten. The idea is it will lift their spirits, especially my eldest Rhianna, 9, as she is struggling to cope the most at the moment and tends to keep all of her thoughts and feelings locked away instead of opening up, asking questions, or letting her emotions show.

It has got to the point where I am ready to get in touch to ask about some one to one counselling sessions for her. I feel it will only help, and most certainly won’t do any harm and she needs someone to talk to. The lady the kids saw regularly before Sarah passed away had some success in getting Rhianna to open up and talk, so I’m hoping that will prove to be the case once again.

As for Mittens, she seems to have done her job so far. She has settled in really well and has already explored the whole house and garden, and has most definitely lifted the kids moods – possibly the timing is perfect too with tomorrow being Mothers Day.




Author: Stuart Wright

I'm a 34 year old widowed father of five young children, and these are my experiences of 'Being Daddy'.

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