Today was always going to be a difficult day for my children – their first Mothers Day without their Mummy.

With a little help from me, they always used to love spoiling their Mummy on Mothers Day so needless to say I was concerned about how they would react today. I decided to try and keep their minds occupied from the start, so I kicked the day off by taking them out for breakfast at McDonalds which they enjoyed.

On the way to town a woman, who must have followed Sarah’s journey, complimented me on the job I’m doing which was nice of her. What’s better though is it reminded me of just how supportive the entire local community have been of us all.

After breakfast we wandered around town for a bit, and after the one shop I wanted to go turned out to be closed, we headed to Wilko. I let the kids choose their own flowers seeds which we would head home and plant for Mummy, as a little corner of the garden just for her had been talked about a number of times so, what better time to start it off than on Mothers Day?

Rhianna decided she didn’t want to get involved. She seems to have found the day the most difficult of all the kids, and it’s now reached the point where I want to get some one to one counselling for her, which I’ll be making contact about this coming week.

Lacey, Lucas and Connor all enjoyed planting their seeds in some flower pots. We also moved two plants which Lacey and Lucas had ‘made’ at Cubs and Beavers during the week into a large flower pot, in which we also sprinkled the remaining seeds from the packets the kids chose today.

This was all we decided to do in terms of ‘marking Mothers Day’, as I wanted to make sure they did something, but at the same time I didn’t want the occasion to overwhelm them at all. We’ll go bigger and better next year, I’m sure.

After a visit from my Mum we decided to finish off the afternoon by heading to a nearby park to play for an hour or so which the kids enjoyed, despite Rhianna again not really wanting to join in to begin with. It wasn’t long before she was having fun, though.

The boys all went to bed without any drama or tears, so I guess that can only mean the day was managed as well as it could have been with them in mind, but as usual it’s the girls, with them being older, that are my main concern. At the moment they’re happily playing games on the laptop and Xbox One but bedtime is usually a struggle on a normal day, so I imagine there will be some tears in an hour or two.

The next challenge is what will have been Sarah’s 30th birthday, on April 18th. Obviously I want to mark it in some way, but at the moment I’m not entirely sure how exactly. Watch this space.




Author: Stuart Wright

I'm a 34 year old widowed father of five young children, and these are my experiences of 'Being Daddy'.

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