I’ve just put the kids to bed, popped some painkillers and settled down – Connor’s 4th birthday party has come to an end.

Connor turned 4 last Wednesday, but today was the day for his party. He had been looking forward to it for ages now, probably more so than his actual birthday, and I was told by his teachers when I picked him up from Nursery this morning that all the kids had been getting excited at snack time. Bless them.

The party took place at a local soft play, one of Connor’s favourite places to go, he loves it there. All of his Nursery friends were invited as well as his cousins, his best friend and of course his siblings too. As with any kids party you worry about turn-out, but there was definitely no need for that as I think we had around 37 kids present altogether. Close one, I’d had the venue cater for 40!

The kids obviously went wild in the soft play to begin with before coming off for food half-way through the party. They all got stuck in to pizzas, sausages rolls and chicken nuggets followed by ice cream. Everybody sang happy birthday to Connor and he blew out his candles on his ‘Connor Friendly’ cake, baked by Nanny.

A second bigger cake, also baked by Nanny, was cut up into pieces for the party bags. That was a normal cake (eggs included, which Connor can’t have). I think all the little children went home happy, and I was told by a few Mums that their kids went straight to sleep – which doesn’t surprise me at all, as Connor did just the same.

It’s hard to believe he’s 4 already! Kids grow up too fast, and he’s growing into a lovely charming little boy. His Mummy would be so proud.

To anyone reading who attended, thank you for coming along and a big thanks to everybody for Connor’s cards and gifts. He’ll have a lot of fun opening them tomorrow!




Author: Stuart Wright

I'm a 34 year old widowed father of five young children, and these are my experiences of 'Being Daddy'.

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